The Agricola Do.Ge. of Alfano Domenico & Gerardo S.S. is a excellence of Campania, located near the mouth of the Sele River, at the gates of Cilento, in the fruitful plain between Eboli and Battipaglia.
It is a farm born from a family tradition. In the 70s, the founder Domenico Alfano gives life to the company specializing it in the cultivation of leafy vegetables and fruit, establishing itself on the regional and national markets with references such as artichoke, fennel, tomato, watermelon and endive.
After years of coaching, his son Gerardo continues the family tradition assembling his farm and continuing to work with his father Domenico, with a consecutive increase of the assets and markets to satisfy.
So in the 2008 the synergy between father and son flows naturally in their professional union, creating Agricola Do.Ge. whose name is nothing but an acronym of their initials.
Tradition, progress, technology, improvement, etc. at some point they are mixed and consolidated into the Agricola Do.Ge. thanks to the entry of Gerardo’s children (Domenico, Emanuele, Daniele, Nelly , Emanuela and Giovanni) with a wealth of skills and knowledge have brought new ideas and company objectives.
The company now focuses its activities in the Piana del Sele, is specialized in the production and processing of various horticultural specialties and is associated OP Soc. Coop. Terra Orti.


The farm Do.Ge. covers about 500 hectares and with its production capacity, the technical means and its sales network is able to meet market demands, ensuring quality and reliability.
Pursuing always the quality in all phases of production and processing, in strict accordance with current regulations, assisted by the control and continuous monitoring of Agronomy and Food Technologists offering advice for all essential activities for the business improvement plans and to ensure ‘ excellence in production, the Agricola Do.Ge. He has chosen to demonstrate compliance with good agricultural practices through certification according to the standard Global G.A.P.
Recently it has been verified and approved for GRASP standards and IFS Food.



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AGRICOLA DOGE di Alfano Domenico & Gerardo s.s

Contrada S.Cecilia – Via della Piana, C/da S. Cecilia | 84025 Eboli (SA) – P.IVA 04606570655

Località Torre Corcione | 84025 Eboli (SA) – Tel. +39 0828 601499 – Fax +39 0828 600801

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